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This tools is very old and was tested under Windows XP. It might works under Windows 7 or Windows 2008. It will probably not work under more recent Operating System.


Snmptraptools is a set of tools to handle SNMP traps easily under Microsoft Windows.
The project is stored on GitHub where you can download sources or setup program.

Why this program exists

The first aim of this application was to run a script (perl, batch, vbs, python, etc.) or any program when a Windows server recieves a SNMP trap.
Now, the program works using plugins in order to easily add new functionalities. The current included plugins are:

Note: default configuration is to display a messagebox when a SNMP trap of OID* is recieved.

How does it work

Main application is splitted into two programs:

The network part is completely isolated from the rest of the application.

A third program, which is graphical, is used to define the rules and configure each plugin settings (snmptrapconfig).



Trap filtering

The dispatcher program is able to select plugin to route trap regarding the rule define. For each rule, you define the OID and optionnaly the generic or specific trap code.

How I know what is the OID/trap code of my equipment?

The manufacturer of your equipment can provide you this information, else you can find received trap information in this log file:
[system directory]\snmptrapnetwork.log

If I prefer to deal with MIB files?

It's tidier. Use included tool import-mib.exe to import MIB-defined-trap OIDs to snmptraptools. Drag and drop mib file on this program and defined traps will be added to registry. After this operation, you must restart service to apply configuration changes.


Go to GitHub project.

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