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What is XS-Pe Editor?

XS-Pe Editor alias XSPEED means eXtra Small Portable Executable EDitor.
This is a tool to edit/modify a windows compiled executable (section, memory data, imported/exported functions...).
You can use XS-Pe Editor for reverse engineering, to patch programs, to protect your products, enhance applications...

It's a small program but powerfull and useful swissknife regarding reverse engineering, debuging, low-level programming or security analysis of programs.


availability This tool was developped in the aim to alter Microsoft Windows executables.
Currently, the Windows 32 bits version is available.
compiler The program have been made in C (with the hlelp of compiler is GNU GCC and Code::Blocks).
Only the binary version of XS-PeEditor can be downloaded.

How does it work ?

The program is command line interface. There is no graphical interface yet.



Version 0.26b

Directions for use

All available commands are describe in the online help.
At any time, using program, you can type 'help' to list all commands or to remind you a syntax of one.

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