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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
inc/asf.h [code]Source - Header - Asf file format
inc/check.h [code]Header - Local assert
inc/config.h [code]Header - Main configuration
inc/crc32.h [code]Header - Crc32 checksum
inc/db5.h [code]Header - Database db5
inc/db5_dat.h [code]Header - Database db5, data
inc/db5_hdr.h [code]Header - Database db5, meta-data
inc/db5_index.h [code]Header - Database db5, index
inc/db5_types.h [code]Header - Database db5, types
inc/file.h [code]Header - File operations
inc/fuse_implementation.h [code]Header - Filesystem, implementation
inc/logger.h [code]Header - Log activities
inc/mp3.h [code]Header - Mp3 file format
inc/mp3_id3.h [code]Header - Mp3 file format, id3 tags
inc/mp3_mpeg.h [code]Header - Mp3 file format, data
inc/names.h [code]Header - Database db5, long filename support
inc/utf8.h [code]Header - Unicode utf-8
inc/wstring.h [code]Header - Widechar string
src/asf.c [code]Source - Asf file format
src/crc32.c [code]Source - Crc32 checksum
src/db5.c [code]Source - Database db5
src/db5_dat.c [code]Source - Database db5, data
src/db5_hdr.c [code]Source - Database db5, meta-data
src/db5_index.c [code]Source - Database db5, index
src/file.c [code]Source - File operations
src/fsck.c [code]
src/fuse_implementation.c [code]Source - Filesystem, implementation
src/fuse_main.c [code]Source - Filesystem, main
src/logger.c [code]Source - Log activities
src/mp3.c [code]Source - Mp3 file format
src/mp3_id3.c [code]Source - Mp3 file format, id3 tags
src/mp3_mpeg.c [code]Source - Mp3 file format, data
src/names.c [code]Source - Database db5, long filename support
src/utf8.c [code]Source - Unicode utf-8
src/wstring.c [code]Source - Widechar string
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